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Spring is here and we all know that means more fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. These pesky bugs can cause more trouble than just breaking social distancing guidelines, they carry diseases that can affect the health of our pets. This sounds scary, but they are the ones who should be scared because new this season is Simparica TRIO!

What is Simparica TRIO? It is a monthly heartworm preventative that also treats for fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites all in ONE chewable tablet! That’s right, all that in a single dose for dogs as young as 8 weeks, and weigh as little as 2.8 pounds!

We are very excited to announce that not only is Simparica TRIO now available, we have it in stock! ...AND as if it couldn’t get any better-for a 6 month supply you get a $25 rebate, or a 55$ rebate on a year supply, that’s a whole lot of savings!!! So, if you are interested in Simparica TRIO for your pet call us today at (732) 849-0408 or ask us about it at your next visit!